IROS®️ 1 Micro Infrared System 

 IROS®️ reduces ear ailments - wellness for your ears -

The first mobile IROS®️ 1 Micro infrared system with external control unit for the reduction of ear complaints, by deep heat directly in the ear at any time, for young and old.
IROS®️ is the first mobile infrared ear plug, which is equipped with an LED from Osram and carries the gentle infrared A wavelength directly through the eardrum in the middle and inner ear.
Through the improved blood circulation, the metabolism in the middle and inner ear is promoted and the vasodilatation begins. By heating a better ventilation of the Eustachian tube is now possible, the outflow of the inflammatory secretion can be done because the infrared radiation supports the metabolism. A general relaxation in the ear sets in.
After an IROS heat treatment in the ear, deep heat is already noticeable. An application of up to 15 minutes brings first relief and increased well-being begins. In a very natural way. IROS is mobile and handy and suitable for indoor & outdoor use.
For water sports z. Swimming, surfing, sailing, diving
We recommend after the training session the IROS®️ heat prophylaxis.
For cyclists, golf and joggers, inline skaters and skiers we recommend the IROS heat prophylaxis during the training session.

IROS®️ innovative lighting technology promotes:

> Blood circulation
> Metabolism
> Ventilation of the inner ear
> Complete relaxation
> Prophylaxis
> Protects against sensitivity to cold

We always recommend to consult a doctor for earache!
Before use, carefully read the instructions and safety information in the quick guide in the manual and for the power supply!

IROS®️ relieves ear complaints

"Wealth is a lot, contentment is more, health is everything."
- Asian proverb -
IROS®️ infrared ear plugs support and promote the circulation in the ear in a natural way and at any time.
As an alternative to medication and your possible side effects! Earache is usually caused by bacteria and is often treated with antibiotics. These are dripped directly into the ear so that they can fight the bacteria in their place of action. The relaxed IROS® deep heat is an interesting technical solution and alternative with a real future. All IROS customers are enthusiastic and recommend this gentle heat treatment. Treat yourself to wellness for your ears with soothing IROS heat for relaxation and wellbeing.
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Healthy and relaxed through the autumn and winter, with soothing IROS deep heat in the ear at any time!


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